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I came to Dr Chris Alvarez on Jan 15th 2016 – I was “broken” and walking sideways.  I had thrown out my lower back by just turning the wrong way.  This of course was not the first time that this had happened and I have become very familiar with chiropractic and osteopathic help over the years – going back to my first session at 14 years old in England.  Please note that I have never felt the need to write a review – but this time it’s different.

So – within ONE WEEK (3 appts.)  Dr Chris had me walking upright and almost pain free – a personal record for me – as it usually takes at least three weeks to get anywhere near normal.  Dr Chris is a miracle worker and is a no nonsense, no drama and no holding you hostage to a million sessions kinda guy – he just wants to fix you.  He showed me how to stretch and of course insisted on frequent ice seasons – each time I went he listened to my progress and gave me further exercises to do to aid my recovery.

I should mention that nearing the end of my first week with Dr Chris he mentioned a meal supplement shake – he said it would help to heal my insides  (I must admit that my diet at that point had taken a dump).  Curious of course I tried it and lost 7lbs in little over a week (substituting both breakfast and lunch with a shake)  The shake’s taste like ice-cream with no after taste. I feel healthier and continue to lose weight and I LOVE IT!

So – diet in order and lower back fixed we get down to the nitty gritty.  Why does my neck feel like it’s permanently got a crick in it and I have little to no mobility turning to my right?? (a nightmare when pulling off a freeway let me tell you).

THE ANSWER – I have TMJ (look it up) – something which I had never heard of but apparently it derives from stress (clenching my jaw bone) and bad posture.  Well, it just so happens that Dr Chris is a wizard with TMJ – something that my work buddy has lived with all her life because she was told there was no cure.  THERE IS A CURE and it’s called DR CHRIS ALVAREZ!!!!  I am confident that he will fully fix this TMJ mallarchy and I will resume full mobility in my neck very soon.  I have had two sessions on my TMJ thus far and the improvement is already VAST.

The thing about this place is that it provides everything for your complete recovery – chiro and then physio – there’s a gym with a ton of equipment in it and the way Dr Chris bobs between his patients is great – this guy is a miracle worker and his staff are super friendly and remember my name – gotta love that in this fast pace society called LA.

The End.


Gemma R.


Dr. Chris and his staff are amazing.  I’ve been going to Chris for over 10 years now and have always trusted him to get me back to full strength through all my sports related injuries.  Thanks Dr. Chris!

Cole R.


Dr. Chris is really helping Malia and he is making a difference in both kids overall performance in volleyball. Wish we had known earlier! If you or your child is a serious athlete, check out Dr. Chris – just once.
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Mara H.


Dr. Chris and his team at complete performance center are wonderful. Sam has been coming here for training with Ryan and she and her teammates have loved it here. Then less than two weeks ago she rolled her ankle with a bad sprain and thanks to Dr Chris and his team her ankle is recovering quickly, she is ready to start easy practices later this week!
Always a pleasant experience and we are thrilled to have the complete performance team on our side! Great place to come we highly recommend!
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Kelley M.


Dr Alvarez is my new hero.

I am an LA based Acrobat. I have been training acrobatics for a few years now with a background in competitive gymnastics. I have been having an issue for the last 8 months with my thumb. I had basically given up all hope until i saw Dr Alvarez.

My thumb(wrist) had left me unable to even do a single push-up and i was looking for a new Dr to help be and hopefully heal me. I was given Dr Alvarez’s information and called right away. He came in EARLY just to see me- which in my experience is unheard of. He went out of his way just to help me, which in my eyes is enough for 5 stars.

I saw him bright and early the morning (i was set to leave for an Acro event). He saw me and did typical therapy. Icing and some muscle stem. He asked a ton of questions and told me that he was going to tape my wrist so i could make it through my weekend. I was skeptical…. i was a gymnast and i have taped nearly every part of my body, how was this supposed to last through a 3-day Acrobatics event? Well… it did. He used 3 different kinds of tape to create folds which helped to support my thumb and wrist.  I have never been so impressed. I was even able to Handstand 🙂 FINALLY!

After my return i saw Dr Chris two-three time a week. We worked on my wrist regularly for about 5 weeks. He fixed the issue and gave me special things to do to strengthen my wrists so that something like this wouldn’t happen again!

I can honestly say that i have never been more impressed with a Dr.

Dr Chris- You’re a wrist saver 🙂


Lindsay L.


With all of the injuries I have as an old college athlete I am very picky about where I go to get treatment. Dr. Chris has been working on me for years and without a doubt he has been a critical component to keeping me on the court for so long. He is straightforward, caring and extremely knowledgeable as he works diligently to keep up with the cutting edge research in chiropractic and health treatment.

The training staff is always excellent as well as the office staff.

And Cindy Larson, the nutrition practitioner, is the person to go to if you are at your whits end with allergies, hormones or chronic illness.

However to me, the most important thing they do is to collaborate on patient care. The different components all go hand in hand to create and sustain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle that so many feel is out of reach.

And if you are new to the chiropractic or nutritional world, don’t be afraid to give them a try…they don’t “rack and crack” or make you do some crazy 45 day cleanse. Ask your questions and listen to their answers and you will find compassionate, well-educated and normal people!


Brenn F.


I’d rate Doc Chris 10 STARS!

I’ve known Doctor Chris for years and He’s a miracle worker. He’s the Doc with Magic Hands.

When I was a gymnast at around age 11 Doc Chris came to our Gym and adjusted all my teammates including me.

I wasn’t your normal flexible gymnast… so Doctor Chris helped me in many ways… 1st to loosen up my muscles… I was always a overly tight gymnast… my hip flexors and forearms were ridiculously tight so he helped me with that. 2nd I’d sprain my ankles on a constant and Doc helped with my ankles… he got rid of the inflammation, taped them and gave me excercises to strengthen it. 3rd I had a situation with my elbow that never came up till later in my gymnastics career… I found out that my elbow wouldn’t straighten all the way and I couldn’t touch my shoulder like my other arm… I was told by the Docs that it was an old fracture that didn’t heal correctly… I went to Dr. CHRIS to see if he could do something about it so I wouldn’t have to go in for surgery and sure enough he worked on me… so he tried different stretches and in time I was Brand New… no need for surgery and I was a happy gymnast.

Without Dr. Chris’ help I would have done everything I could do after being a National Champion Gymnast and a Break Dancer… a National Champion COLLEGIATE Tumbler for Ventura College Cheer.

Thanks Doc! You are Amazing! And after so many years your more knowledgeable and more experienced and now you do so many more amazing thing for your patients.

Guys I’M telling you Dr. CHRIS is not your normal chiropractor… he takes care of alignment, adjudtments and so much MORE. Headaches, sinus, TMJ, congested…. he’ll help you breathe, and other things you wouldn’t even imagine.

CPC is a one stop shop the STAFF IS AMAZING! Cindy the Nutritionist is amazing she knows her stuff. RYAN THE PERSONAL TRAINER (Mr. Clean) that’s what I call him.. hehe his work outs are fun and challenging at the same time if you wanna break a sweat come train with him. And they have Massage Therapy and Weight-loss programs with a package that involves a Turbo Sonic Machine and an Infra-red Sauna. Amazing right?!

Complete Performance Center is the place to be for Health and Wellness.


NinaMarie B.


Thank you for taking care of my family!
Dr. Chris is a taping wizard. He gets his patients back in action quickly without milking multiple visits out of each case!
His comprehensive understanding of athletic physiology is unparalleled! I would recommend CPC to any gymnast, track and field athlete, weekend warrior, or aging, creaky mother!
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Nancy D.


I have needed to see Dr. Chirs for a variety of issues that have developed during Marathon/Ironman training. Dr. Chris does an amazing job at figuring out the root cause of the issue to treat it, rather than just treating the symptoms. He had saved a few races for me! You know you found someone good when you can barely walk in one day, are are walking almost 100% normal the very next day!

Rebecca N.


Seeing Dr. Chris was the best thing I have ever done for my wellbeing!
A few years ago, I injured my arms and had to have 2 surgeries followed by years of physical therapy, cortisone injections and various doctors.  I had hit a plateau and wasn’t getting better.  I figured I had to just learn to live with the excruciating pain and as a last resort I decided to go to Dr. Chris.  I felt like he actually listened to me and cared about what I had to say regarding my injury. He provided me with great insight/information and made me very involved with my recovery.  He was even able to diagnose me with a nerve disorder, which was a major part of the recovery.  I love how he uses a multi-faced and creative approach to putting you back together!  It was not only the hands-on manipulation, it was that in combination with graston, anti-inflammation supplements, various stretches/exercises and some changes to diet.
Dr. Chris has been able to dramatically decrease my pain and inflammation, while substantially increasing my strength and flexibility.  It was horrible to live life with chronic pain and thanks to Dr. Chris and his amazing staff at CPC I have finally been able to get my independence back!  If it weren’t for Dr. Chris and his persistent treatment and personal attention to my injury I would not be where I am today! He really is a miracle worker!

Remy J.


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